Welcome to Comprehensive Consulting Services (CCS). We provide consulting, facilitation and training services to religious communities and other value-based organizations throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Canada and Central America. We can help you gather the wisdom, weave a dream and build a bridge to the future through processes of deep change and transformation.


Comprehensive Consulting Services (CCS) is dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services for religious communities and other value-based organizations who are seeking to develop the best of their potential, reconcile their differences and weave together their passions for a hope-filled future. Our mission is to promote growth and well-being for individuals and the systems within which people live and work. More on mission…



We provide consulting, facilitation and training services for leadership teams, religious communities and other value-based organizations. We have worked extensively with communities seeking “transformational” change in an effort to birth a new way of being through Refounding, Reconfiguring, Restructuring and new Covenants. For more information about Our Services and the Journey of Transformation...



We provide access to a number of resources, including Books, Articles, Videos and more. Many of these are accessible online and downloadable. We also provide Surveys and Assessment Tools for Leadership Teams and Communities wishing to assess their viability and effectiveness and develop growth plans. Compare your results privately (i.e., with those from within your own group) or among groups from other communities who have taken these surveys. More Resources…


What’s New

What’s been happening? A new survey is under way for sisters under fifty years of age. Dr. Dunn will be inviting the sisters participating in Giving Voice to share their experience regarding the future of religious life. The results are in on the survey that was done regarding Reconfiguration, Refounding and Restructuring. These are now published in a new article in Human Development: Discerning Choices for New Life: A Survey of Options. In addition, the survey will be re-opened in order to create an ongoing, free access knowledge-base for communities seeking information on these options. For more on What’s New…

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